Huntingdon, despite initial MRP projections, remained blue on July 4, with Ben Obese-Jecty being elected as the Conservative MP.

Mr Obese-Jecty now adds himself to the list of Tories who have served as MP in Huntingdon, including most recently, Sir John Major and Jonathan Djanogly.

BeBen Obese Jecty took the Huntingdon seat for the Conservatives. (Image: Ben Obese Jecty)

Following his election, Mr Obese-Jecty said that it was a "hard fought victory", adding that he knew it would be an "incredibly tough fight".

He continued: "We knew this election would come in 2024 and that it would be much closer here than it ever has before. It was a hard fought battle to get across the line, but we were up for it. Labour pushed us hard."

While the Tory Party will be celebrating its hold in Huntingdon, it's hard to ignore the national picture. The Conservatives are now in opposition for the first time in 14 years.

Discussing the turbulent time for his party, the new MP said: "From my perspective, I work very hard to build a connection with local people.

"There are thousands of people here that didn’t vote Conservative in the election and that’s for me to win back their trust and respect."

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Mr Obese-Jecty said as an MP, he wants to "promote Huntingdon". 

He added: "It needs a strong champion who will bang the drum for this constituency. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on the map."

He told The Hunts Post, his main priorities for Huntingdon are: “I want to promote business investment and jobs, and make sure people can live and work in a good job here without the requirement to commute. 

"This shouldn’t be a dormitory town.

"I want to regenerate the high streets and return them to their former glories. I want to get a handle on flooding.

"I’m looking forward to working hard and getting my feet under the table."