Ben Obese-Jecty has been elected as the Conservative MP for Huntingdon.

He received 18,257 votes of the 52,236 cast. Alex Bulat (Labour) received 16,758.

Sarah Smith (Reform UK) received 8,039. Mark Argent (Lib Dems) received 4,821.

Georgie Hunt (Green Party) received 3,042. Chan Abraham (Independent) received 1,123.

In his winning speech, Ben said: "This is a fantastic result. Thank you to every constituent who placed their faith in me and gave me the opportunity to be their new MP. 

"We won here tonight against the odds." 

Ben thanked his campaign team and his supporters, and gave a special mention to his partner, Lois.

He said: "She has been incredible and stood by me through everything. She has been a trooper and has been by my side for nine months through thick and thin."

Ben thanked the Returning Officer, the counters, and his fellow candidates.