Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on May 22 that a General Election will be held on July 4.

To launch The Hunts Post's coverage of the General Election, we'll be speaking to candidates in the constituencies of Huntingdon, North West Cambridgeshire, and the new constituency, St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire.

Standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate in Huntingdon is Mark Argent.

Mr Argent has been the Liberal Democrat candidate in Huntingdon since the 2019 General Election, and this year he hopes to be voted into Westminster. 

Speaking on his priorities for the Huntingdon constituency, Mr Argent said: "Being an MP is about working with others for the good of the country and of your constituents.

"I’ll be looking to improve support for the NHS, help people affected by the cost of living crisis, and address the environmental issues of sewage being dumped in rivers and climate change.

"Closer to home, I’m keen to pull some of the prosperity of the “Cambridge bubble” into Huntingdonshire so we’re not left behind, and to make sure there’s enough house building to give us the homes we need at prices we can afford, without damaging the environment."

The Lib Dem candidate said that the calling of the General Election "took him by surprise".

He said: "I'd imagined we'd go to the polls in the autumn. I've since seen a couple of articles suggesting trouble ahead for the economy, which is an example of why Liberal Democrats say it's not good for democracy for the Prime Minister to control the timing of an election."

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