Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on May 22 that a General Election will be held on July 4.

To launch The Hunts Post's coverage of the General Election, we'll be speaking to candidates in the constituencies of Huntingdon, North West Cambridgeshire, and the new constituency, St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire.

Standing as a Conservative candidate in Huntingdon is Ben Obese-Jecty.

Mr Obese-Jecty is hoping to replace current Huntingdon MP, Jonathan Djanogly, and keep the Conservatives in power once Mr Djanogly steps down in July. 

When asked about his priorities for Huntingdon, Mr Obese-Jecty said: "Huntingdon is set to grow significantly over the next decade, bringing with it the opportunity to create thriving towns and vibrant villages across the constituency.

"But alongside that growth it is also vital that we maintain and upgrade our infrastructure to support that growth, ensuring our roads and public transport can cope with a larger population; that public transport links our towns with our villages and new developments; that everyone can access GP and dentistry services; that working people have good quality employment opportunities."

He added: "Locally, I’ve led the campaign to save Kimbolton Community Fire Station and campaigned to stop the Woodhurst Medical Waste Incinerator from being built.

"I’ve also been busy raising local issues direct with ministers in Westminster such as speaking to the Health Secretary about securing funding to rebuild Hinchingbrooke Hospital and meeting with both the Home Secretary and the Policing Minister about changing the funding formula so that Cambridgeshire receives a fairer allocation of police officers; just two of the priorities in my local plan."

Mr Obese-Jecty, who served as a British Army Infantry Officer in Iraq and Afghanistan before joining politics, said that PM Rishi Sunak's General Election announcement "didn't come as a surprise".

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