The Great British Bake Off 2023 winner Matty Edgell will be on the panel of judges deciding who can make the best sausage roll in St Neots.  

Bakers in the community are being invited to take part in the competition, which will take place later this month at the Priory Centre.  

Taking part is free and open to all ages. Experienced and inexperienced bakers are eligible to take part.  

To enter, participants first need to create a recipe idea for a unique signature sausage roll whether it is meat, vegetarian or vegan.  

Applicants need to name and describe the recipe on the entry form, and if they wish, supply a Bake Off themed illustration of their sausage roll.  

Based on these ideas, the shortlist of finalists will be invited to make their sausage rolls live in front of an audience on the day within two hours.  

The St Neots Bake Off will also be open for bakers to bring along their home bakes to be judged on the day. This is also free and open to all ages and abilities.   

Categories will be cakes (any kind), bread (any type) and biscuits / cookie bars.  

The competition is being organised by Mark Hansard and Gary Lee who are behind the local community group, Serious About St Neots.   

Mark said: “We have assembled an esteemed panel of judges, [which also includes] Mennel Welch (Welch Bakes), James Larman (Bohemia), Sunny Mann (Chaii Hub) and The Mayor of St Neots, Rob Simonis.”  

The Hunts Post: The event is being organised by Mark Hansard and Gary Lee, the duo behind Serious About St Neots.The event is being organised by Mark Hansard and Gary Lee, the duo behind Serious About St Neots. (Image: Serious About St Neots)Gary added: “We encourage both serious and fun bakers to come along and showcase their love of baking.” 

An entry form is available at 

The St Neots Serious Bake Off will take place on Saturday, March 23 at The Priory Centre between 12pm and 4pm.