An author from Woodwalton has released a new book which he hopes will capture the excitement of Christmas Eve for both adults and children.

Freddie Mitman has penned The Magic of Christmas Eve – a poem about Father Christmas and the night he pays a visit to a sleeping household.

Mr Mitman, who has also penned books about golf and business, said: “I have always loved the American book The Night before Christmas but it is very old fashioned and was probably aimed more at adults than children.

“I wanted to write an up-to-date British version which both children and adults might enjoy, anyone, that is, who still believes in Father Christmas.”

The book features illustrations by William Webb and was given the seal of approval by youngsters after Mr Mitman visited Sawtry Primary School recently to read excerpts from the book.

Mr Mitman added: “The feedback from those who have seen and bought the book has been very positive. People seem to love the sentiment of the story and, I believe, my book stands out because it is an understandable, real, story that could really happen.”

The Magic of Christmas Eve is available online at Amazon or via www.fast-print.net/bookshop.