Time to mosh at Enter Shikari’s Cambridge gig

Enter Shikari.

Enter Shikari. - Credit: Archant

Their music is an eclectic blend of post-hardcore and alternative metal, with far-ranging influences and a potent sound which fans have been moshing to for more than a decade.

Enter Shikari is set to embark on an extensive European and UK tour to promote the release of fourth album The Mindsweep, stopping at the Cambridge Corn Exchange along the way.

Those who have followed the group’s ascension will not want to miss it on its first protracted period of headline touring since spring 2013.

Last year’s highlights included touring the USA as a main stage act on the Warped Tour, playing shows in Russia, and performing at the Reading & Leeds Festival.

Vocalist Rou Reynolds said: “We pushed ourselves vocally with some of the rawest angriest vocals we’ve ever done as well as some of the most dulcet and delicate on The Mindsweep.

“It’s even more diverse than normal as we’ve built more confidence and fearlessness to widen our influences further. Melody and aggression will always be an important side of what we do, but with this album there was also a concerted effort to concentrate on texture too.

“Alongside the core of our guitar, bass, drums, electronics set-up, there’s so much new instrumentation and orchestration. Writing for and recording woodwind, brass and strings was so rewarding and really felt like it brought a new dimension to the music. I just can’t wait to play these songs live now.”

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INFORMATION: Starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday, February 24. Tickets £22 from 01223 357851 or www.cornex.co.uk.