This week’s CD pick: Maroon 5 Overexposed

FOR the past few years the shirtless Adam Levine has been the best thing about one-time indie chart-toppers, Maroon 5, until last summer when they released Moves like Jagger and the world was reminded.

Maroon 5


Levine’s stint as a celebrity panel judge on TV talent show, The Voice, also boosted the group’s latest album sales to levels not seen since their 2002 debut, Songs About Jane.

Whereas that multi-platinum selling debut combined funk, indie-pop, classical guitar and Levine’s more-than-unusual vocals, Overexposed is decidedly more poppy and their new mainstream sound dulls their unique selling point - that voice.

Moves like Jagger is an undeniably catchy success, but hopefully this album is a project to help the band regain some notoriety after a string of mediocre releases so that they may return to form next time around.