This week’s CD pick: Bloc Party, Four

This week’s CD pick: Bloc Party, Four


Bloc Party


Bloc Party materialised with a platinum selling, ‘NME album of the year’ tagged debut, Silent Alarm, in 2005.

They followed it up with, A Weekend in the City, which reached number two in the charts, but then stopped being Bloc Party for a while, releasing the electro-heavy, Intimacy, then went away altogether.

The Bloc Party boys made a smart move in hiring self-styled “analog purist”, Alex Newport as their producer, whose past collaborations include indie-emo royalty, Death Cab for Cutie and newly-crowned Brit-folk king, Frank Turner.

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Newport seems to have reminded the London foursome how to create the heady, ethereal arrangements we fell in love with on their mainstream chart-assaulting singles Banquet and So Here We Are.

We’ll forgive them their self-indulgent solo projects and nearly three year hiatus, if that’s what it took to come back with what the fans wanted all along-Silent Alarm 2.0.

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