This week’s book review: Twenty Tiny Tales Willie Wit

This week’s book review: Twenty Tiny Tales Willie Wit


Twenty Tiny Tales

Willie Wit

CLINGING on to the Olympic theme by the skin of my teeth, I present Twenty Tiny Tales-a unique booked featuring perfect bite-sized literary chunks to dip in and out of while you attempt to get your life back on track following two and half weeks of professional and personal neglect, due to the relentless televised patriotic athleticism.

Don’t be put off by the first ‘tale’, it’s by far the least gripping and once you get past that four page hurdle each subsequent story is more surprising and revelatory than the last.

There is a recurring theme of last-minute twists at the end of each (very) short story and once you get into the pattern, you’ll find yourself looking for clues from the very first page as to who or what the ambiguously enigmatic narrator of each tale really is.

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Each story flips between devilishly dark, unaffectedly poignant and charmingly romantic-a particular highlight being, The Wedding, which is a mini Tarantino script in five pages.

This frivolous collection of fables offers an insight into the author’s obscure train of thought, as you get the feeling each tale was borne out of the same kind of ridiculous fleeting ‘what if’ mind-tracks we all get throughout the day.

Willie Wit just took them one step further and had the creativity to devise the right format to record and share them.

An original creation and refreshing reading experience.

Ashley Whittaker