This week’s book review

This week’s book review

Six Weeks to OMG: Get skinnier than all your friends

Venice A. Fulton

SIX Weeks to OMG is the latest fad diet book responsible for recent headlines proclaiming ‘Skipping breakfast is good for you’ and ‘Broccoli carbs are bad’.

However, Fulton has been praised for the direct honesty of his book’s subtitle: Get skinnier than all your friends, cutting to the vain core of the reason behind most of the public’s rollercoaster relationship with food and fitness.

Whether you buy into his ethos or agree with his diet tips or not, Fulton has successfully created a monster, prompting reputable publications to insist their reporters follow his regime and report back, as well as feeding his own buzz via an apparently self-monitored blogsite:

He may have shot himself in the foot here though, as his website dishes out what I took to be the most useful advice in the book, for free.

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A recent post explains why the nutritionist and fitness expert believes ordinary doctors are not as qualified to give dietary advice and another confidently assures that, like all truths, his manifesto will be subjected to German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer’s, stages of acceptance: First, they’re ridiculed. Second, they’re violently opposed. And third, they become accepted as the new way.

What Six Weeks to OMG does deserve, is credit for presenting healthy living guidance in a new way.

We’re bored of reading pages of meal plans and tricep exercises and need someone like Fulton to come trailblazing through like Atkins did a decade ago.