Recommended Book of the Week: The End of Time by Gavin Extence

The End of Time by Gavin Extence

The End of Time by Gavin Extence - Credit: Archant

The End Of Time is an epic story of brotherly love, courage and resilience.

A sensitively written, compassionate and heart-warming must-read for anyone struggling to make sense of world events.

Beneath the stars, on a stony beach, stand two teenage brothers.

They are wearing life jackets that are too big for them and their most precious belongings are sealed in waterproof bags tucked inside the rucksacks on their backs.

Turkey is behind them and Europe lies ahead, a dark, desperate swim away.

They don't know what will come next, but they're about to meet a man who does. He calls himself Jesus, the Messiah. He is barefoot, dishevelled and smells strongly of alcohol.

And he doesn't believe in chance meetings. He believes he has information about the future - information that will change three lives forever.