Full of epic lightsaber battles and eye-popping cinematography, The Rise of the Skywalker is a fittingly thrilling finale to the Star Wars saga, which began 42 years ago.

It's hard to believe that this is actually the last we'll ever see of the biggest science fiction franchise in history but, if this is the end, what a closing chapter it is.

As our charismatic heroes - CP30 is the biggest scene-stealer here - find themselves jumping through space at lightspeed and encountering some particularly nasty creatures during their journey to volatile planets, the cinematography remains impressively fast-paced and eye-popping (especially the sweeping desert panoramas and slow motion action scenes).

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As ever, there's plenty of epic lightsaber battles - the most visually stunning takes place in the sea during a raging storm. What's most evident with Episode IX, though, is that everything is supercharged now - even the Stormtroopers fly.

This episode also throws out some genuinely gasp-inducing revelations and does well to neatly tie up a lot of sub plots, bringing back many familiar older faces in the process. Though at the heart of the movie is the tension that builds as Rae (an emotionally tortured performance from Daisy Ridley) gradually faces her own past and confronts her troublingly dark visions of the future.

Overall, though, despite its plot flaws (the action does get a bit aimless at times as the heroes hop between world like Indiana Jones), this is an exhilarating finale that will leave fans more than satisfied - and probably a little tearful.

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