Meet the Romans at St Neots Museum

Meet the Romans event at St Neots Museum on September 14

Meet the Romans event at St Neots Museum on September 14 - Credit: Archant

There will be an opportunity to find out more about the Romans and how they lived at an event in St Neots on September 14.

A Meet the Romans event is being held at the St Neots Museum and visitors can discover more about how the Romans lived and worked in the area.

The Longthorpe re-enactment legion, dressed in replica armour, will talk about the life of soldiers and local people in Roman St Neots.

Visitors can try on armour (child sizes will be available) and other clothing and find out more about Roman clothes, cosmetics , medicines and food and religious beliefs.

"As archaeologists excavate sites in our area such as Love's Farm, we are finding out far more about life in Roman times," said Liz Davies, curator of the museum.

"We now know that the Iron Age (800 BC-AD 43) families who lived on the Love's Farm site continued to farm that area throughout the Roman period. Excavations in Eynesbury during the 1960s revealed at least two houses with hypocaust under floor heating. Both houses were situated close to the River Great Ouse, perhaps close to a ford in the river. The occupants of the houses may have been involved in controlling who crossed the river and supervising boat trade."

Possible evidence of the beginnings of Christianity to Roman Britain have also been found in Eynesbury in the shape of a silver spoon found in the Cromwell Road area in the 1980s. It had an inscription which read 'Div Vivas' which can be translated as 'may you live in God'.

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In Roman times, almost 2,000 years ago, St Neots and the surrounding area was a patchwork of farms and growing settlements, some of which seem to have been home to weathly Iron Age family groups. The Kimbolton coin hoard, which contained 68 gold coins, minted in the late Iron Age period demonstates the wealth of an individual or group of people who lived in that area. The coin hoard will be on display on September 14.

INFO: The event, which includes an all-day pop-up cafe, is from 11am till 4pm. Adults are £2 and children are free.