St Neots-based theatre company is appealing for new storage space

Junior members of the Riverside Theatre Company in St Neots

Junior members of the Riverside Theatre Company in St Neots - Credit: Archant

A St Neots-based theatre company is looking for storage space to store its props and costumes and is appealing to the public or a local business to help them out.

The Riverside Theatre Company has been using a building in Alconbury, but the land is being redeveloped for housing and the group needs to find alternative space before the end of January.

“Over the last few years we have been lucky to have a building in Alconbury to store our props, scenery and a large collection of costumes,” said treasurer Kim Clegg.

“Having this material stored means we don’t have to buy it again for each show. Unfortunately, Alconbury is about to be developed for housing and we have been told we need to find somewhere new. We have been very grateful to the people at Alconbury for letting us have space on site for a number of years and always knew it would be temporary but unfortunately the notice given has proved too short to give us time to find an alternative.”

The theatre company is willing to make a contribution to costs but says it cannot afford to pay commercial rental property rates.

“We currently have a building without water or electricity so use a petrol fuelled generator when we need to use power tools – we aren’t looking for a luxury space. As a children’s charity we don’t have much in the kitty to spend on this.”

The space needs to be large enough to house nine racks of costumes and must be dry.

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The theatre company has 60 members and puts on three main shows each year. Its junior section will perform Alice in Wonderland in May and the juniors will take on The Little Shop of Horrors later in the year.

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