There will be two themes over the weekend of Home of Holidays and Most Talented Children.

St Ives Carnival and Music Festival 2020 is going virtual in July as of a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

On July 10, 11 and 12 the St Ives Carnival and Music Festival committee are encouraging the community of St Ives to dress up the front of their homes and gardens whilst raising a glass of their favourite bubbly to the community.

In the evening, they will also hold a virtual fancy dress party and they have asked some of their local bands to put some sets together, so they can hold a virtual music festival.

There will be two themes during the weekend of ‘home holidays’, recreating your “favourite/planned but had to cancel” holiday at home and ‘the most talented children’ such as superhero’s or princesses.

A spokesperson for the committee said: “The way this will work is we want to encourage the people of St Ives to dress up the front of their houses and front gardens and these will become our floats.

“We will have a map of where you are so we can film your efforts (with your permission of course) and we will use these videos to form the virtual reality carnival.

“At the end of this, the categories will be judged and prizes will be given for the best house, the best pub, the best business and the best school.

“If we have enough interest then we are considering adding a category for the best “front garden float” for the surrounding areas too.

“For the evening when you are all dressed up and ready to party with us, we will hold the best virtual fancy dress party.

“Over the weekend we will ask you to send us videos, pictures and even TikTok’s etc of your own carnival celebrations which we will stream throughout the weekend and at the end we will make a YouTube video of our weekend together whilst being very much apart.”

If you have any queries or you would like to get involved then please contact the “St Ives carnival and music festival” Facebook page or alternatively you can email us on