A group in St Neots have set up a way for people to share their knowledge and skills with others in the local community and be rewarded for it – in time.

Started in 2012 the St Neots Time Bank now has around 120 members who give their time to help others.

Coordinator Georgina Corley said: “I decided to set up the group as it was something that was going around the country. All my life I have done volunteering work and I like helping people so I thought this was a good idea.”

For every hour of time a member gives providing a service for another participant, they receive one hour time credit.

This means that participants help each other out when they have a few hours of spare time on work that struggle to do or can’t do alone.

“It can be anything from sewing to knitting, DIY to gardening – it all depends on what people want to get involved with,” added Mrs Corley.

With members that range from 18 to 90-years-old and live throughout the PE19 area it is a charity has become recognised by St Neots Town Council at its Community & Business Awards.

“We were awarded with charity of the year by the town council which was brilliant.”

However there is more that the army of volunteers want to do and they are looking for more members.

“The more people have got in the group the more time we can give to people,” added Mrs Corley.

What is it? St Neots Time Bank

Where is it? Throughout St Neots

When is it? Various events throughout the year

Contact: Georgina Corley on 07590 909057, or email time.volunteers@outlook.com

Cost: No registration fee, materials will be charged if used.