Comedian Simon Evans asks: “What is genius?”

Simon Evans at the junction in Cambridge

Simon Evans at the junction in Cambridge - Credit: Archant

Comedian Simon Evans is bring his Genius tour to the Cambridge Junction on Friday.

His show, which has been described as “a masterclass in socio-political comedy” won critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival and has been selling out venues up and down the UK. Simon is also currently on BBC Radio 4 with his series Simon Evans Goes To Market.

His Genius show asks: ‘what is genius - Beethoven, Einstein or the spork’?

Is it a high IQ? A ruthless disregard for convention? Any ploy used successfully to carry a third pint glass without spilling it?

Is it the combination of unexpected influences to conceal the processes of creativity? The Beatles wrote great songs, but arguably revealed their genius only when they drew not just on Little Richard but William Burroughs, the Cabaret Voltaire and Bernard Cribbins. Maradona revealed his true genius when he emulated not Pele but Michael Jordan.

Well whatever it is, it seems to be in desperately short supply in public life at present. Is there a conspiracy against elite intelligence, or just an instinctive nationwide repulsion?

And why, when he has put in so much effort, committed so wholly to the cultivation of the whole Genius thing, does society now seem so indifferent, not merely to Evans’ claims to be numbered among the genius class, but to the very idea itself?

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Tickets are available from the venue: by calling: 01223 511511 or online: