A creepy combination of Goosebumps, Stranger Things and The Evil Dead, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is an impressively frightening horror that will appeal to adults and teenagers alike.

The nightmarish characters (an angry looking scarecrow calls to mind the Goosebumps series) and frequent jump scares (think creaking doors, an eerie music score and, you guessed it, dark cinematography) help to create a horror that's genuinely scary; my friend spent most of the movie with his hands covering his face.

There's shades of Stranger Things, as the story centres on a group of teenage friends, while the at times ridiculous set pieces are reminiscent of The Evil Dead (spiders growing out of a giant spot on one girl's faces, or human flesh finding its way into a stew).

The stories which become true are questionable in their preposterousness but as an escapist horror movie it's a real diversion away from reality - exactly what films of this kind are supposed to do, lifting the audience out of their cinema chairs and into some sort of otherworldly universe.

It'll make you think twice about snooping around creepy abandoned houses and tampering with ancient books, too - that's for sure.

'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' is now showing at The Light Cinema in Wisbech.

For screening dates, times and tickets visit www.wisbech.lightcinemas.co.uk/scary-stories-to-tell-in-the-dark