Rockband The Darkness to play at Cambridge Corn Exchange

The Darkness will be coming to the Cambridge Corn Exchange in December

The Darkness will be coming to the Cambridge Corn Exchange in December - Credit: Archant

The Darkness will be coming to Cambridge this year after releasing their brand new single ‘Rock And Roll Deserves To Die’.

The Darkness will be touring, playing their Easter is Cancelled album across the UK and Ireland - playing 18 dates which start in November.

The band will be coming to the Cambridge Corn Exchange on December 6 and have promised a night to remember.

From chiming, acoustic beginnings, 'Rock And Roll Deserves To Die' explodes into an epic five-minute masterpiece. The new album features some of Justin Hawkins' finest lyrics to date alongside monumental riffs, thunderous bass and almighty drums, while also featuring some beautifully delicate touches from the band.

Frankie Poullain, base player for the band said: , "A lot of bands have relinquished their duty. Rock 'n' roll is so uniform now. Everybody dresses the same, looks the same, sounds the same. It's pathetic. It deserves to die. Let's kill the cliché. Let's break the crucifix. That's partly what the album is about."

'Rock And Roll Deserves To Die' marks a new era, opening Easter Is Cancelled, the first ever concept album from The Darkness.

Justin Hawkins lead singer of the band said: "At the end of days, humankind must consider the essential truths of existence. The Darkness, your vanguard in life's journey, have stared into the abyss. The observations we bring from the edge are set out in a new record album, titled 'Easter is Cancelled'.

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"This far-reaching communiqué examines man's brutality to man, the dichotomies that we live within and the alternate realities that exist alongside our blinkered comprehension of the Universe. The song cycle defines human existence through a parable - the slow lingering death and eventual glorious re-birth of rock and roll.

"In the search for perfect sonic equivalents of core truths, every musical instrument of the world has been explored and exploited to its fullest extent. Endless days in studios, museums, spiritual retreats and places of learning turned into endless months, as deeper and deeper layers of truth were uncovered, translated and set for eternity in sound.

"The result is a literally Biblical record, and those who have said that rock and roll is the Devil's music should listen and understand that it is, in truth, the voice of God.

"This is the grandest statement any band has ever made, and the endeavour has taken its toll. In achieving such a mighty goal, a line is drawn and this will be the last traditional music album from The Darkness - having confronted the eternal and ultimate, we must now move on to higher art forms. The future is an open door. Who's in here?"

Tickets are on sale now for £32.50. For more information visit: