Matthew Floyd Jones brings his Richard Carpenter is Close to You show to Cambridge

Matthew Floyd Jones brings his show to Cambridge

Matthew Floyd Jones brings his show to Cambridge - Credit: Archant

Critically acclaimed musical comedy star Matthew Floyd Jones will bring his Richard Carpenter is Close to You show to the Cambridge Junction later this month.

Following a sell-out smash hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017, and a highly successful Australian tour, musical tragicomedy Richard Carpenter is Close to You has embarked on a national tour.

He was on top of the world. Looking down on creation. To the left of (and slightly behind) his kid sister, Karen. Now he’s back in the spotlight, but it’s no longer yesterday once more. In a world of rainy days and Mondays, one man’s solitary journey to find himself has only just begun.

The piano player from Frisky & Mannish plays the piano player from The Carpenters in a razor-sharp parody play about a life spent playing the piano.

In the 1970s, brother and sister duo The Carpenters were one of the best-selling music artists the world had ever seen. In the 2010s, comedy duo Frisky and Mannish became one of the most popular musical parody acts the Edinburgh Fringe had ever seen. Now one half of that duo, Matthew Floyd Jones presents his first major solo show - Richard Carpenter is Close to You. The first show ever created specifically about Richard, as opposed to the Carpenters in general or Karen.

“Playing Richard Carpenter just feels so right to me. He was my first musical inspiration growing up, and after 10 years of Frisky and Mannish, I am essentially the Richard Carpenter of the comedy circuit. I am so lucky that he hasn’t sued yet, and that I am getting to take my wacky show, made with such love, all over the world.”

The show, on November 23, is an epic concert of hit tunes and harrowing travesties from the happiest guy in pop-rock history. A bittersweet dark comedy that tells the hilarious, traumatic, imaginary tale of the ultimate piano player.

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INFO: Tickets are £15.50 and available from the box office on: 01223 511511.