REVIEW: Trainwreck is much more than just a chick-flick.

Trainwreck is more than just a chick-flick.

Trainwreck is more than just a chick-flick. - Credit: Archant

Trainwreck (15)

Funny girl of the moment, Amy Schumer, stars as her own anti-heroine in the self-penned Trainwreck.

Chastised from childhood by her cheating alcoholic father, Amy grows up believing monogamy isn’t for her, writing for a trashy men’s magazine by day and flitting between one night stands by night.

Schumer, by her own admission, is not your typical Hollywood leading lady – having written Trainwreck with the intention of another actress taking her role.

But she’s more than refreshing, revealing more depth than previously seen in her stand-up routines and elevating what could’ve been a run of the mill Cinderella story from the ranks of chick-flick.

Our leading man is also an appropriately kooky choice, oddball comedian Bill Hader is usually relegated to the ranks of deadpanning sidekick but here he flourishes as the successful, thoughtful Aaron, charged with changing Amy’s ways.

Trainwreck is so much more than a chick flick. It’s funny, light and watchable, but you’re hanging on every interaction, invested in every character and caring what happens to everyone in every scene.

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Schumer could very well be this generation’s Nora Ephron – churning out feel-good, zingy romantic classics year after year - albeit with a little more filth and nudity, though that may be down to gross-out king director Judd Apatow.

Let’s hope she takes her talents elsewhere next time.

3.5 stars out of five.