REVIEW: Ted’s Fairytale hits the rocks

Ted is back and romance is on the cards

Ted is back and romance is on the cards - Credit: Archant

Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlene, is back writing, directing and starring (as the voice of Ted) in this sequel to the quirky gross-out romance comedy.

In Ted 2, the bear has found himself a wife while his ‘thunder buddy’ and best friend, John, (Mark Wahlberg) finds himself divorced.

Ted’s fairytale hits the rocks, however, when he and his new wife attempt to start a family, only to be told that Ted isn’t viewed as a real person in the eyes of the law and therefore, an unfit parent.

Cue Amanda Seyfried as a freshly qualified lawyer, who agrees to take on the case and fight for Ted’s civil rights.

Seyfried is comely and game as ever and a great fit for the leading duo, with her affinity for bongs and laxness towards inappropriate comments.

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Effort has been made to refresh the entire cast surrounding Wahlberg and the bear, and they’ve attracted big names in supporting roles, but, while the majority will find themselves forced to laugh at least twice, there’s a very specific audience who will actually enjoy the experience.

This is a shame, as that specific audience is made up of 13 years old boys and Ted 2 is certified 15.

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The second instalment of MacFarlene’s modern day Pinocchio is a lot of fun, if you’re into that sort of thing, but the franchise should most definitely end here.

Ashley Whittaker


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