Review: Rumble Live Gaming Centre - “can’t wait to go back”

Henry Davies with team members at Rumble Live.

Henry Davies with team members at Rumble Live. - Credit: Archant

If you go down to the woods today (just behind Grafham Water) you will find an outdoor gaming centre.

Henry Davies at Rumble Live at Grafham Water.

Henry Davies at Rumble Live at Grafham Water. - Credit: Archant

And if you think you are too old or too unfit to be running around the woods with a ‘weapon’ taking pot shots at your opponents, bear in mind that I have seen my 60th birthday and loved every single minute of it.

I took my grandson Henry, who is eight, to Rumble Live and although we were both a bit apprehensive to start with, the team were helpful and friendly and we soon relaxed.

There is a briefing at the start and you are kitted out with a weapon and headgear and you will have an hour, which includes three missions. Most games are played as a team but in some you will be on your own.

It was good fun getting to know the opposition team members, a family of four, and we soon developed a healthy banter.

Henry and I loved running around the woods and the activity would be great for companies looking for team initiatives as well as famlies and childrens’ birthday parties.

It was a great stress reliever and although every muscle in my body ached the next day, I can’t wait to go back.

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There is also plenty of open space at Grafham Water to make an longer visit and stay for lunch or have a picnic afterwards.

When you arrive at Grafham Water, head for the Marlow Car Park and park at the far end and walk beyond the cycling centre and look for the flags.

For more information and to book, go to: