Review: Jenny’s Wedding (PG) - “a bold move but the script is stilted and predictable”

Film Review

Film Review - Credit: Archant

Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy) stars as openly gay woman called Jenny who is set to marry her long-term partner (Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls), openly gay to all but her immediate family, that is.

Tension rises when her conservative parents and distant siblings take Jenny’s coming out very differently.

Once the dust has settled over the announcement, Jenny’s life forces each member of her closed off and misunderstood family to reevaluate their own lives, not all of which include their sister/daughter.

Prepare for a similar level of schmaltz as 80s coming-of-age classic, Beaches, the films share a director in Mary Agnes Donoghue and she hasn’t veered far style-wise from her quiet, close analysis of relationships.

What Jenny’s wedding is missing, however, is a powerhouse lead - where Beaches had Bette Midler, Heigl is as limp and unlikable as ever.

Bledel doesn’t get nearly enough time to shine and, as one of America’s favourite TV sweethearts, she would surely have been a better choice to keep an easily bored audience on side despite the stilted script and unapologetic predictability.

All of this is a shame as it’s an honourable and bold move to try and break same-sex love stories into the classic rom-com genre, which is well overdue a 21st century revamp.