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Inside Out

Inside Out - Credit: Archant

Inside Out takes us inside the mind of young Riley, just as she’s uprooted across the country for her dad’s new job.

Her inner team of emotions, lead by Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) find their easy-going existence thrown into turmoil as Riley is moved away from her friends, school and everything that used to make her happy.

Cue Sadness, who usually took a back seat in Riley’s inner workings but finds herself more overcome with emotion and prone to bringing everyone else down.

Joy, along with the rest of her team - Fear, Anger and Disgust - must battle to bring out the happy, adventurous girl they once knew.

It’s a lovely premise with lots of original ideas, which is to be expected from the writing team that brought us Toy Story, Monsters Inc and WALL-E.

Only 3/5 stars, however, as its a little hard to follow for very young audiences (who it’ll be watched by) and a little too babyish for older kids who are able to/need to have discussions about their feelings (but would rather be snuck into Terminator Genysis or Ted 2 instead) Inside Out really works on a nostalgic level for the grown-ups so will be a good old fashioned ‘warm and fuzzy’ for cinema chaperones of children of any age.

Don’t expect anything on a par with Toy Story and you shouldn’t be too disappointed.

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Ashley Whittaker