REVIEW: Holiday on Ice - Tropicana: The Passion Tour - at Exec Peterborough

ALTHOUGH it was an ice skating extravaganza, there was nothing cold about Holiday on Ice’s new show, Tropicana: The Passion Tour.

Directed and choreographed by Olympic gold medalist and Dancing on Ice judge Robin Cousins, the show showcased the incredible talent of some of the world’s best professional ice skaters who glided, twisted, and turned across the rink as if they owned it.

The audience was taken on an international rollercoaster journey as the skaters danced on ice to a series of colourful and emotional scenes such as city streets, a beach paradise, 1940s dance hall and an enchanted toy shop.

All of the main skaters and supporting cast have to be applauded for their creative skill on the ice. Sarah-Yvonne Prytula particularly stood out for her bird-like moves on a hoop and rope suspended in the air in the Aerial Dreams sequence.

For the first time in the show’s history the 2012 tour featured a giant LED screen next to the ice rink, providing a backdrop of colourful and enchanting scenes while the skaters performed their routines.

A number of well known songs and musical numbers were played throughout including a selection of hits by singer Barry Manilow such as Mandy and Copacabana.

Given the title of the tour it was slightly disappointing not to see more of the colourful, fun, and energetic Latino dance scenes like the Tropicana sequence in the first half of the show. Dressed in frilly Brazilian-esque festival costumes, the skaters danced and shook their hips to the rhythms of the Cha-Cha, Samba, and Bolero in a makeshift tropical nightclub.

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All in all an enjoyable, stunning show which more than achieved its goal of wowing the audience with its catchy tunes, mesmerising moves and breathtaking costumes.

It almost certainly would have inspired members of the audience to head to their local ice skating rink.