Chloe, from St Neots, made her version of Black Forest Gateaux, for our Hunts Post Bake Off Challenge. Read our review of this week’s show.

Chloe, from St Neots, made her version of Black Forest Gateaux, for our Hunts Post Bake Off Challenge. Read our review of this week's show.

Dorret Conway became the third person to leave the Great British Bake Off tent when her "unmade bed" failed to impress the judges.

Week three was bread-making - so you would have thought all the contestants, who universally seem to dread bread week, would have put in hours of practice. Everyone but Dorret, it seems, who happily admitted she did no such thing.

The first round was quick bread (without yeast) and Alvin's was described as a "thing of beauty" while Ian won praise for his "work of magic".

The technical challenge was baguettes (a Bake Off first) and the bakers were provided with only minimum instructions and no timings. Only some of them knew it takes steam to make a baguette crispy, and that slashing the top, not cutting or slicing, would be vital in order to impress Mr Hollywood. The judging was brutal, Paul can spot an under-prooved, half-baked loaf when he sees one, and if anyone thought they could give him a baguette that resembled a ciabatta they were very wrong! At this stage, Alvin, Flora and Ian had done well and Dorret, Mat and Nadiya were in trouble, according to the judges.

In the Show Stopper round, Paul won high praise for his lion creation, which Paul Hollywood described "as one of the best things I've ever seen in bread week", which saw him awarded a special commendation, but strangely, not Star Baker, which went to Ian.

Dorret was sent home (no surprise there due to a radio leak) after her Tracey Emin-inspired unmade bed provoked criticism.

She admitted that she hadn't practiced at home: cue a steely stare from Mary who then said: "so you're winging it", and we knew that was it for Dorret.

So, if you were inspired to bake after watching the show, why not join our Hunts Post Bake Off challenge?

Each week we are asking readers to make something from any of this year's episodes and then send us a photograph. We will feature all the pics in a gallery on our website and there will be a prize for the ones that we feel look the most dramatic.

Once you have made your bake, take a photograph and send it to us at: The Hunts Post, 30 High Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3TB or e-mail: Include your name and tell us where you are from and you can add some details about your creation if you want to. All the photographs will appear in an online Great British Bake Off gallery.

This week, Chloe Veenear, from St Neots, shows us her version of a Black Forest Gateux, which she made for her mum's birthday.