REVIEW: Bad Education fails to make the cinema grade

Bad Education (15) fails to make the grade

Bad Education (15) fails to make the grade - Credit: Nicola Dove

The Bad Education Movie (15)

Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education has scored something most TV shows take decades worth of cult following to achieve - a big screen adaptation.

Like The Inbetweeners before them, they also haven’t bothered with a proper title.

But where those behind The Inbetweeners film saw fit to spend a little money taking their small screen characters out of their plot line-exhausted suburban habitat, it appears Whitehall and co felt their creation could stand on its own.

The Bad Education Movie sees baby-faced teacher Mr Wickers (Whitehall) entrusted to take his beloved class of double negative-dropping misfits on one last hurrah to Cornwall after their GCSEs.

Cutting a 90 minute story short, it’s nothing more than a (too) long episode of the original TV show transplanted a few miles down the coast.

If the movie was intended to do nothing more than entertain the original teenage audience, it delivers, but it’s hard to imagine even die hard fans putting up with the same old bodily function gags for an hour and a half.

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Whitehall obviously saw the light towards the end of his script writing stint and chucked in a clanger of a twist, but even that is exposed for what it is - a last ditch attempt to distract from the fact this isn’t a proper cinema film, it’s a Christmas special that should’ve never made it to the silver screen.

Ashley Whittaker