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Flight Path

Flight Path - Credit: Archant

Flight Path by Ian Andrew

Wright & Tran are back. Kara Wright and Tien Tran, combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as private investigators. Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training. So it is that the enigmatic Franklyn tasks Kara and Tien to investigate the apparent suicide of a local celebrity. Within days the women are embarked on a pursuit that leads halfway around the globe and into the darkest recesses of the human condition. Kara, Tien and their team will endure mental stress worse than anything they experienced from combat and, like combat, not everyone makes it home. Wright and Tran are the best in the business. Andrew’s own experience working with military intelligence provides his work with authenticity and heart. He is an author who can be relied upon to deliver a great read.