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In the light of what we see

In the light of what we see - Credit: Archant

In Light of What we See - Sarah Painter

It’s Brighton, 193 and Grace Kemp is pushed away by the family she has shamed. Rejected and afraid, she begins a new life as a nurse. But danger stalks the hospital too, and she’ll need to be on her guard to avoid falling into familiar traps. And then there are the things she sees. Strange portents that have a way of becoming real.

Eighty years later, Mina Morgan is brought to the same hospital after a near-fatal car crash. She is in terrible pain but recalls nothing. She’s not even sure who she can trust. Mina too sees things that others can’t, but now, in hospital, her visions are clearer than ever.

Two women, separated by decades, are drawn together by a shared space and a common need to salvage their lives.