REVIEW: Nish Kumar’s UK tour ‘It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves’

Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar - Credit: Archant

What a time for political comedian, Nish Kumar to go on tour, as the deadline looms for the Brexit conundrum.

The host of BBC TWO’s news-satire programme The Mash Report, takes his new stand-up show, It’s in Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves to venues across the UK.

The comic’s apt observations of Britain’s self-destruction will play out in real time climaxing with a date at Hackney Empire, in London on Brexit Day, Friday, March 29 and with two further dates for good measure on the South West coast, (presumably looking for a life-raft).

Kumar opens the show by launching into his despair at the present Brexit chaos, observing that the process has been: “Presided over by some of the least talented people our country, nay our species, has ever produced. An Ocean’s Eleven of rank incompetence.”

His frustration knows no bounds as he unleashes his exasperation at the greatest laments of this age; Trump, racial profiling, sexual harassment and getting the runs from eating too much humous.

He articulates his incredulity at the political pantomime on display and rages against the hypocrisy of societal prejudice with eloquent turns of phrase and precision timing.

If his aim is consensus, this is resoundingly achieved in remain voting Cambridge, less so you’d imagine in Lincoln, but beyond tapping into essential outrage, he offers little new insight.

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With self-deprecation, he admits he is just: “A 33 year-old stand-up comedian whose favourite food is dips.” Yet this feels like a cop-out as he often brings more sincerity and reason to a BBC Television Question Time panel than most other guests.

Kumar powers through the 90 minute show with ease. Even if his material only scrapes the surface and occasionally veers to the puerile, his knack for phrase-making and command of the room leave no doubt he is a competent act.