Mat made a right royal mess in Victorian week and left the Great British Bake Off

Mat Riley left the show last night

Mat Riley left the show last night - Credit: © BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon

Week seven of the Great British Bake Off was Victorian week (era, not sponge) and fireman Mat Riley left the show after a making a right royal mess of things.

To be fair, the contestants were set some tough challenges, the first being raised game pie which meant making some very thin hot water crust pastry and filling it with game and then decorating it. Ian produced road kill pie, Flora’s was overfilled and Paul’s was overbaked, but Paul Hollywood was so impressed with Tamal’s spicy filling that he shook his hand - a rare thing indeed on Bake Off.

The technical challenge was a fruit cake with a ‘tennis court’ topping. Really! One of the most ridiculous challenges I have seen on the show. Nadiya was at a loss as she wasn’t sure of the markings on a tennis court but she did manage to keep her net upright and her cake was “beautiful”, Flora left hers in the oven too long and Tamal failed to make a net but his cake had “good flavour”,

Ian’s had no net and was under cooked. It was painful to watch Mat who looked clearly out of his depth and when his undercooked cake sunk and he put his royal icing in the oven we knew it was game over for him.

The Show Stopper was Charlotte Russe, which meant making jelly, lady fingers and mousse and coming up with the obligatory ornate design to wow the judges. Mat struggled from the off and when he shouted “taxi” at one point it was clear he knew the end was nigh. Paul was also in danger though as his jelly didn’t set and Flora continues to scrape through each week. Ian made a royal crown for the top of his Charlotte Russe that won him reluctant applause, if the faces of his fellow contestants were anything to go by. If I had to put money on it I would predict Tamal and Nadiya in the final, but the Bake Off kitchen is an unpredictable place.

Tamal deservedly won Star Baker and phoned his mum to tell her the good news, which was rather sweet.