Movies don’t come any more disturbing than Ma, the new psychological thriller from BlumHouse Productions which sees Viola Davis deliver a career-best performance.

A movie full of unexpected plot twists, Davis steals the show as she effortlessly switches between the personalities and emotions of protagonist Sue Ann - an unhinged woman whose scars have never truly healed.

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Deeply pained by her past, Sue Ann longs to be one of the cool kids. Dreaming of finally fitting in at parties, she'll do whatever it takes to be a part of the gang.

This isn't your average horror though - rather than relying on cheap shocks, the tension gradually builds thanks to the well-developed plot.

Without revealing too much of the plot, things take a downright absurd - and bloodthirsty - turn later on in the movie.

There's also an element of sympathy for Ma and that she's justified in doing what she does; there's far more depth to her character than most horror villains.