Jon Richardson is bringing his “dad jokes” to The Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Jon is set to come to the Cambridge Corn Exchange on March 22.

Jon is set to come to the Cambridge Corn Exchange on March 22. - Credit: Archant

Jon Richardson returns to the comic life, after the birth of his first child.

The ‘Old man tour’ which is coming to the Cambridge Corn Exchange on March 22, follows on from his previous tours, where he is set to dip his toes into the dad jokes, literally.

Jon said: “Our baby is only two months old, so it’s obviously the perfect time for me to be leaving home for several weeks. It has to be said, I’m not terribly popular at home, but I am assuming that by the time I get back home, my daughter will be toilet-trained , capable of dressing herself and able to drive.

“When you’re single, you’re not beholden to anyone and you can shut down more easily. In the past I had the idea that id live in a caravan with a dog near a pub with no responsibilities. But now when bad things happen in the world, I feel responsible for them because they are going to impact on my daughter. The caravan, the dog and the pub have gone now. “

One of Jon’s main worries is that his daughter will grow up to resemble him: “ What I am dreading is raising her to be like me. If I hear her saying ‘ I can’t eat that chip because it’s touched those baked beans’, I’ll know she has too much of me in her.”

Despite this, Jon doesn’t want his views on the impact his baby daughter has had on his life to put people off the show.

The comic, who regularly appears on 8 out of 10 cats, as well as having two live successful stand-up DVD’s said: “I’m determined to not talk about my baby in a way that’s alienating.

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“But it’s been such a big change in my life that I can’t not talk about it. It’s also nice to have something new to stress about, I can really get my teeth into stress.

Jon is still humble about his role as a stand up, he said: “I can’t believe I get to do this job. As I get older, I’ve got more and more to talk about and I have more and more confidence,”

I love the privilege of looking back on my life every three years, turning it into a comedy show and sharing it was an audience. It’s incredibly cathartic. It’s q way of converting the difficult elements of life into comedy. None of us know whats going on at the moment, so to be able to laugh at it in unity for two hours is absolutely great.”

An amusing element of the ‘Old Man’ tour, is that Jon uses Twitter to interact with the audience.

Jon said: “Recently, I talked to a man in the audience and he was shocked because I knew where he had been t hat morning, what football team he supported, and what his wife’s name was. That’s the joy of Twitter.”

But as much as he loves touring, Jon reveals “I’ll have a break over the summer, people would rather be out in the sun than inside listening to a whingeing moron.”

Tickets start from £23.25 More information can be found at or call the box office on 01223 791791.