It left nothing to be desired except to see it again

Cinderella: Susie Mathers, Jonathan D Ellis and Daniel Goode

Cinderella: Susie Mathers, Jonathan D Ellis and Daniel Goode - Credit: Archant

Cinderella at Cambridge Arts Theatre until Sunday, January 17. Review by ANGELA SINGER.

Understudy, Justin-Lee Jones came out of the ensemble on the press night to play one of the Ugly Sisters and almost stole the show.

Buttons said there was a health warning on The Ugly Sisters: “May contain nuts”.

We all had a ball.

The nightclub cabaret duo by the two fatal femmes, with Jones as Ugly Sister Kim and Daniel Goode as cyanide sibling Khloe was divine.

It left nothing to be desired except to see it again. The sisters were a glorious delight all through the show with inspired performances and costumes. Every flicker of their eyelashes was delicious.

This is a feisty, raunchy Cinderella. All the cast have great voices and give real performances.

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Even one of the babes emoted real anguish when looking at the bills facing the hard-up villagers of Stoneybroke. Everyone is acting their heart out. Laura Darton as Prince Charming and Jennifer Potts as Dandini are a characterful duo with beautiful deportment. Their voices and that of Suzie Mathers as Cinderella are a privilege to hear. Our Cinders reminded me of Bridget Jones.

This is a beautiful ensemble production with lovely moments of drama. One of my party, five-year-old Maja, was leaning forward on the edge of her seat when the sisters were trying on the glass slipper. She jumped up and down with excitement when Cinderella got the chance to show it fitted her.

There are plenty of good new jokes to keep the adults chuckling all the way through and some made me gasp. Steven Butler as Buttons just keeps the comedy coming.

This show is fast-paced, witty and pretty. In her beautiful gown, Miss Mathers is a real Disney princess. The musical numbers are gorgeous. It includes everything from I’m a Believer to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now – and we were having a good time.

When it comes to the gags, without wishing to spoil the surprises, there are a few lovely twists to old jokes. We’ve all seen the gag where one of an Ugly Sister’s striped stockings is pulled off and it just keeps on coming, but this time, it goes off stage one side and to the audience’s delight comes back in again from the other.

The ballroom scene is clever, starting with a waltz to The Blue Danube and breaking into a succession of rock and pop hits so the dancers do everything from the mashed potato and the jive to the twist.

This is an enchanting show, which had the audience captivated from start to finish. Writers, Al Morley and Matt Crosby have created a gem, which director David Grindley has made seamlessly funny. Once again, Cambridge Arts Theatre has created a Christmas cracker, a great family show and a treat for all ages.