Improvised musical hits all the right notes at Cambridge Arts Theatre

Credit: Geraint Lewis

Credit: Geraint Lewis - Credit: Geraint Lewis

Cambridge Arts Theatre welcomes Edinburgh Fringe and West End hit, ‘Showstopper! The Improvised Musical’ this month.

Showing from February 22 to February 27, the show promises superb improvisation and belly-aching laughs.

Everything is left in the audience’s hands; the title, setting, music, plot twists, and even how the second-half will pan out by tweeting the cast.

Take its opening night; set in Hell, Mephistopheles is torn between her love for newcomers, and married couple, Clarinda and Charles for whom she used to babysit back on Earth.

As a torturer awaiting promotion, this love business threatens to get in the way and she hops between Heaven and Hell before making up her mind.

As for the music, the audience, by way of giving ideas to co-director Dylan Emery then cheering for the best, chose styles like Grease, Bollywood and Flamenco.

Being introduced to Hell in a Rocky Horror Show style was a particular highlight, not to mention the rap battle between God and Lucifer.

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With a cast of just six and a different story every night, this is a show you really can enjoy again and again.

Box office: 01223 503 333