Hunts Post Adult Book Review of Murder Before Evensong by the Rev Richard Coles

Murder Before Evensong by the Rev Richard Coles.

Murder Before Evensong by the Rev Richard Coles. - Credit: WATERSTONES

Canon Daniel Clement is the Rector of Champton, a small sleepy parish which is about to be thrown into chaos as the bodies start turning up and Daniel not only has to try and keep his fractured community together, but he has to find the killer!

After eight years in the parish he is still battling with the church ladies and all his plans to modernise the church are met with huge opposition.

A group of very formidable 'Flower Ladies' lead the pack and challenge Daniel at every turn.

Coles is brilliant at capturing the meticulous details that make such captivating characters. Daniels mother Audrey is described as opinionated, fearless and just a bit annoying and provides much of the humour.

As their dark secrets are revealed, the parishioners begin to rely on Daniel and seek comfort from him as they all struggle to appear as upstanding villagers under the scrutiny of the media.

Fans of Richard Osman and Midsummer Murders will love this.