Huntingdon Community Radio presenter Annie Smith puts the spotlight on rock singer Jo Ash

Annie Smith and Jo Ash

Annie Smith and Jo Ash - Credit: Archant

April has now passed and it is finally starting to feel like summer - forget the wintry conditions of the last few days.

With live music now in full swing there is plenty of opportunity to catch your favourite local artists in and around Cambridgeshire, whether it be in a beer garden or at a festival.

On the warmest Friday so far this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Jo Ash. As well as her own solo project, Jo is also the lead singer for rock band Derecho who are due to perform at the Cambridge Rock Festival this year.

Jo performed songs live in the HCR studio and we enjoyed some soaring melodies, accompanied by melodic piano chords and riffs.

She also revealed the name of her solo album, which will be released later this year, for HCR listeners.

Her Constellations, album will contain many reflective songs inspired by space, David Bowie and much, much more.

From a young age Jo has written many songs and now has an extensive back catalogue of her music. The heavier rock sounds of Derecho give Jo the opportunity to bring out her edgier side which contrast the melancholic, generally softer, captivating sound of her solo project.

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INFO: For more information about Jo and details of the new album, head over to her website: and find the band Derecho at:

You can also listen to her interview with Annie on Spotlight at:

Annie Smith is the presenter/producer on Spotlight on HCR104fm and you can catch her on Fridays, from 8pm till 10pm.

This summer sees the 14th annual Cambridge Rock Festival (CRF) take place in the grounds of Horseheath Lodge, near Haverhill, over the four days of July 26-29.

The event will see 75 bands who will perform on three fully covered stages. Tickets available from: