Spotlight talks to three members of Between The Lines about their upcoming EP

Melanie Green with Adam Brewster, Alex J Lewis and Lewis Wolton in the Spotlight.

Melanie Green with Adam Brewster, Alex J Lewis and Lewis Wolton in the Spotlight. - Credit: Archant

Looking for something similar to the band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - then look no further.

The five-piece pop punk band Between The Lines is definitely what you need to be listening to right now.

With an upcoming full-length EP on the horizon they are a busy band for sure. Returning to the HCR104fm studio in July, Mel Green, from the Spotlight team, chatted to Alex J Lewis, Adam Brewster, and Lewis Wolton from the band about their recent journeys up to Stoke to record their new EP.

The EP will encapsulate the melodic aspect of new wave pop punk with the heavier elements of ADTR and Chunk. Inspired by a range from Neck Deep to A Day To Remember, the band manage to express their individual personalities through their high energy music. With recent appearances across Milton Keynes, Leeds, Luton and their home town Bedford, Between The Lines are reaching a wider audience every month, creating a promising future ahead.

If you like the sound of their song To The Wind then how about you give it your vote in Spotlight’s Song of the Year 2018 competition? You can find all their news through Facebook: @BTLUK.

The band recently made the final of the Battle Of The Bands, in St Albans, and played alongside Funeral Shakes at Bedford Esquire. The band’s next gig is on September 30 at Castlefest, in Luton.

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