Horror at Hinchingbroooke House event will be full of shocks and surprises.

Hinchingbrooke House

Hinchingbrooke House - Credit: Archant

Ghosts and ghouls are dying to meet visitors coming to this year’s Horror at Hinchingbrooke House experience – an interactive terror trip promising shocks, surprises, and plenty of squeals.

Running from October 22 to 29, the interactive night will see guests work their way through pitch black rooms, forests, and even hedge mazes as they try to escape from the horrors inside in the house.

With 18 sets and around 35 actors for each group, organisers are keen to create the ultimate terror experience, accompanied by a wide range of sound and lighting effects, plus props like chainsaws and axes.

Creepy clowns are also set to appear, and those brave enough to enter won’t be given a guide to help them find a way out.

Hinchingbrooke House has long been associated with haunted goings-on, after legend has it that a nun was involved at the site when it used to be a convent.

The story goes that she had an affair with a monk, but when it was uncovered both were executed.

Since then, several sightings have been reported at the house, and married couple said they saw ghostly figures on the bridge in 1965.

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Just this year came an added twist – two skeletons were found at the house.

Originally thought to be that of Benedictine nuns, the remains were actually those of a man and a woman from between 994 and 1050AD.

Other ghostly happenings include a cavalier who is said to haunt the room he was killed in, and a phantom woman who resides above the staircase.

Groups of eight to 12 people will make their way through the house each time, and the experience is set to last around 45 minutes.

The experience, which is reckoned to attract more than 7,000 people over the eight nights, was nominated for Best New Scare Attraction in the UK last year by Scarecon.

Tickets start at £19.50 per person, and the site will be open from 6.30pm.

To book, visit enterifyoudare.wixsite.com/hinchingbrookehouse.