Frank Turner released tour dates for Cambridge

Frank Turner

Frank Turner - Credit: Archant

Frank Turner has announced details of his new tour ‘Be more Kind’.

The singer will be performing at The Cambridge Corn Exchange on April 30, for the Be More Kind tour, after releasing a brand new album, as well as tour dates.

His seventh album, which will be released on May 4, will see a different side to Frank’s music, with more folk music being performed.

Frank said: “It feels really good to release another tour. I seemed to release my album and my tour dates on the same day, which is always quite stressful.

“I’ve been working on this album for so long and I really hope everyone enjoys it.

“I constantly feel surprised and relieved that I am able to do the job that I love everyday, I love going on tour, especially in the USA, but always love coming to the UK because it feels like home when I come back.”

The singer, who was previously in the Post Hardcore band, Million Dead, released 120 tour dates, which included the Cambridge Corn Exchange.

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Frank said: “I just want to keep creating music that’s new and that I enjoy playing. I don’t really see the point in repeating myself for other peoples benefits when it comes to what I release.

“I feel like my new album is a sonic shift, and for me it’s not really about what everyone else is doing, it’s just about what I am doing.

The singer, has decided to host his own festival, lost evenings, a small independent festival in London, where Frank has invited his favourite acts to play.

He said: “The music industry is always changing, and I think it’s empowering that no one has a clue what they are doing, and are just experimenting with what works. I really couldn’t care less about whether my music ‘fits in’ with the industry, because I care about music, not business.

“As an artist I will always play some of my older stuff because I know that my fans love that, and there is no better feeling than someone singing your song. I love playing songs that get a crowd moving and I’m hoping to do that on this tour.

Supporting Frank will be Arkells and The Homeless Gospel Choir, two acts that Frank says has been a huge inspiration to him.

He said: “I really want to encourage my fans to get down to the venue early and listen to my support acts. These are people that have been very inspirational to us and we want everyone to give them a listen.”

Tickets start from £30.50. More information can be found at or call the box office on 01223 791791.