Four bands to appear at gig in Huntingdon to raise money for Oxfam Refugee Appeal

Labyrinth will perform at Oxjam

Labyrinth will perform at Oxjam - Credit: Archant

A charity gig that will raise money for the Oxfam Refugee Appeal is being staged at The George Hotel in Huntingdon next month.

The Oxjam event on October 3, has been organised by Oxfam Books & Music, in Huntingdon High Street, and is the first Huntingdon Oxjam.

The local concert forms part of hundreds of events happening all around the UK, all organised by volunteers.

“We have a very strong line-up of bands and musicians who have all donated their time for free,” said organiser and manager of the bookshop, Geoffrey Stalker.

There will be four bands in The Manchester Room, 4th Labyrinth, Standing Statues, The Simpletone and The Rose Affair, and the event starts at 7pm. Tickets are £5 in advance from Huntingdon Oxfam Books & Music at 101 High Street, or £6 on the door. There will be free live music in the bar downstairs, from 1pm featuring local acts and a barbecue. “It is great that we have been able to get such a strong line-up of bands and musicians in Huntingdon for such a good cause,” Geoffrey added.

All the money raised will go to Oxfam’s Refugee Appeal. Oxfam is working in many of the countries from which people are fleeing, in the Middle East and Africa. With more than half the Syrian population in need of humanitarian support,

Oxfam continues to provide food, water and shelter to more than a million people. Oxfam also provides vital support to the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon and Jordan. Cash donations to support Oxfam’s Refugee Appeal can be made at Oxfam shops.

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INFO: or donations to: Oxfam Books & Music, 101 Huntingdon High Street, or to the Oxfam shop in Chequers Court.