Former crown court judge pens new novel

Local author Peter Murphy, with his book

Local author Peter Murphy, with his book - Credit: Archant

After swapping his gavel for a pen, a former crown court judge has published the fourth book in his popular legal saga.

Peter Murphy, of High Street, in Huntingdon, has launched his new novel, The Heirs of Owain Glyndwr, based around the time of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales and the troubles surrounding.

“I wanted to write a book about terrorism but I didn’t want to do it in a contemporary period because Ben [the main character] is still in the late 1960s and I started doing some research about Prince Charles’s investiture in 1969,” Peter said.

“I had a feeling I read something about protests getting out of hand and I was really amazed when I did the research that there were quite a number of explosive devices planted in that period.”

This book, along with the previous three, is based around the character of barrister Ben Schroeder, who in this episode is tackling his greatest challenge yet.

The novel, which took Peter about six months to write, also focuses on how the police and the security services worked around the time of the investiture.

Set in Caernarfon, Peter visited the town to give his readers an understanding of the area that he has now become fond of and will be doing a launch of the book there in the coming months.

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Peter’s new book is available on Amazon and available in a number of local bookshops.