8 of the quirkiest restaurants in Cambridgeshire

A carriage sits beside an old fashioned platform.

Customers are invited aboard train carriages to enjoy their food at Carriages of Cambridge. - Credit: Google - By Owner

We all enjoy going out for a meal, and this isn't necessarily down to the quality of food we receive.

Sometimes we enjoy going out for a change of scenery, and to enjoy a specific atmosphere or ambiance.

Some restaurants are so unique and unusual that we keep going back to them, just because of their distinctive feel and décor. 

To help you find these establishments, we've put together a list of the quirkiest restaurants from across Cambridgeshire.

1. The Old Fire Engine House, Ely

The Old Fire Engine House in Ely is exactly what it says on the tin, an 18th century fire engine house.

Ely's own horse drawn fire engine was kept in the Georgian house, which has been used as a restaurant since 1968.

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One of three founders of the restaurant, Ann Jarman, continues to run the business to this day.

The venue has the atmosphere of a family house, which is reflected in its staff, with four generations of the Fyson family having been employed as cooks. 

2. Old Bicycle Shop, Cambridge

Following 173 years of trading, Howes Cycles - which claimed to be the oldest bicycle shop in the country - closed in 2013. 

The store, in which Charles Darwin reputedly purchased a bike, has now been transformed into a restaurant.

The Old Bicycle Shop exterior, with a bike on the wall and plants running along the top.

Charles Darwin reputedly bought a bicycle from the shop. - Credit: Google Maps

With handlebars and saddles adorning the walls, the venue celebrates its heritage to this day.

The Old Bicycle Shop serves a wide-ranging menu including many plant-based, vegan and vegetarian, food and drinks.

3. Worzals Bar & Grill, near Wisbech

Worzals Bar & Grill, on the A47 near Wisbech, is part of an award winning farm shop and garden centre.

The business is family-run, and has been since it was established in 2011. 

The small restaurant promises to deliver an " engaging, customer focused experience, in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere".

Beams, a large fireplace and a clean modern décor makes the venue a pleasant and unique place to visit.

4. Olmo Lounge, Huntingdon

Lounges is a company that specialises in eccentric "potty" interiors, and Olmo in Huntingdon is no different.

The business' website states: "If you’ve not experienced the singular pleasure of a Lounge, it’s hard to do our interiors justice."

Three customers enjoy a meal with pictures and mirrors behind.

Lounges specialises in "potty" interiors. - Credit: Google - By Owner

Olmo itself as an outdoor front terrace that set between extravagant planters, and picture frames covering almost every inch of one interior wall.

Draped cables dangle between hanging lamps on the ceiling, and bookshelves can also be found adorning the walls.

5. The Oliver Twist, Guyhirn

The Oliver Twist Country Inn in Guyhirn, between Wisbech and March, is a country pub with a twist.

The family-owned business was voted the best restaurant in the Wisbech area, and has a large menu that ranges from traditional British favourites to pasta dishes and pizzas.

The pub is decorated with a mixture of wood and exposed brick walls, with traditional touches giving an atmospheric feel.

Fireplaces and archways add to the aesthetic of the inn, which has Oliver Twist quotes painted on the walls. 

6. Cook Family Vintage Tea Room, March

The Cook Family Vintage Tea Room in March serves everything from cake and drinks to afternoon teas, or even a full meal. 

Ornaments such as old sewing machines adorn the venue.

Jars of sweets sit on wooden shelves

A sweet shop area is also provided at the restaurant and tea room. - Credit: Google - By Owner

The establishment has bright pink walls, wooden furniture and traditionally decorated tablecloths.

Equally patterned teapots and plates complete the quirky and charming look to the café and restaurant.

7. Carriages of Cambridge, Fenstanton

Carriages of Cambridge sits between Huntingdon and Cambridge and serves a variety of meals in the form of afternoon teas, high teas, cream teas and savoury cream teas.

The entire restaurant is set at a disused train station., with seating available inside the carriages of trains parked at the platform.

A row of levers and a large wheel at the train station.

The entire restaurant is set at a disused train station. - Credit: Google - By Owner

Glorious white table cloths, with fine silver and wine chillers, sit upon the tables.

Patterned arm chairs are provided, and red decorated carpet can be seen throughout the trains.

8. The Grain Barge, Peterborough

Chinese food on the water can be enjoyed on the Grain Barge in Peterborough.

The boat floats on the River Nene, offering a unique dining experience.

The restaurant has been serving for the past 27 years, with both Chinese and Hong Kong chefs preparing meals.

The Grain Barge states on its Facebook profile: "Owner Denny Cheng saw the need in Peterborough for a restaurant with an exquisite tasting menu, good value food and excellent friendly service, and that is what the restaurant remains like to this day."