Find out where Santa’s sleigh will be in the run-up to Christmas

Santa sleigh

Santa sleigh - Credit: Archant

Several Rotary clubs in the area are gearing up for Christmas and have announced details of their annual Father Christmas sleigh routes. The Hunts Post will feature details of the routes in the run-up to Christmas. Contact: if you want to be featured.

St Ives

December 7 - St Ives (north)

December 8 - Somersham (east)

December 9 - Somersham (east)

December 10 - Hilton

December 11 - Fenstanton

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December 12 - St Ives Waitrose

December 14 - St Ives (central)


December 7 - Great Whyte, Little Whyte, Silver Street, Mill Lane, Tower Close, Turveys Lane, Millfields, Newtown Road.

December 8 - Ramsey Heights

December 9 -Church Green, Abbots Close, Abbey Field, Oates Way Lawrence Road,

Hollow Lane, High Street (to Nat West Bank only)

December 10 - Benwick

December 11 - Ramsey Forty Foot

December 12 - Bury, Hill Estate, Meadow Lane, Owls End, Brookfield Way, Woodfield Av, Ringwood Close,

Pound Lane, Buryfield, High Meadow, Valiant Square, Tunkers Lane, Upwood Road, Redebourn Lane, Grove Way, Bader Close, Rowell Walk, Barn Close, Garden Court to White Lion.

December 14 - Warboys, Jubilee Ave, Ramsey Road, Humberdale Way, Bottles Rd, Flaxen Walk, Woodlands.

December 15 - Warboys, Goldpits, Old Mill Ave, Station Road, Wilthorne Pasture Close, Orchard Close, Coronation Avenue.

St Neots

December 9 - Eaton Socon Green, Wilkinson Close, Monarch Road.

December 10 - Nelson Road

December 11 - Brook Road, Shakespeare Road

December 12 - Little Paxton

December 13 - Little Paxton

December 14 - Samuel Jones, Little Paxton Mill, Priory Park

December 15 - Orchard Road, Trafalgar Road