FILM REVIEW: The Wedding Ringer (15)

The Wedding Ringer.

The Wedding Ringer. - Credit: Archant

When the kind, yet socially awkward Doug (Josh Gadd) gets the beautiful, if a little vacant, Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, of The Big Bang Theory) to marry him, he doesn’t have the heart to tell her that not only does he not have a best man, he hasn’t got any close friends to be part of the wedding party at all.

Cue Jimmy (Kevin Hart) who offers an underground service posing as a life-long friend and acting best man for geeky, lonely men all over the country. The necessary catch to spice up the storyline is that Doug requires a service Jimmy has never offered before – he needs a full party of groomsmen to learn everything about him and keep up the charade against Gretchen’s questioning for an entire weekend. Yes, this premise is familiar to you - it’s Wedding Crashers bromance humour meets The Wedding Singer’s attempt at real emotions. Gadd’s an unusual choice for a leading man and his genuine nice-guy persona (how could you not like the man behind the scene-stealing snowman in Disney’s Frozen) earns The Wedding Ringer one of its stars and the other is awarded to the editor who only saw fit to put cinemagoers through 100 minutes of it.

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