Film Review: Man on a Ledge

An escaped convict commands the world’s attention as he threatens suicide on the ledge of a Manhatten hotel.

Man on a Ledge

Cert. 12A

3.5/5 stars

CONVICTED thief Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) escapes from prison and seemingly manages to disappear and start a new life.

He then decides to make a public appearance, after a year of freedom, threatening suicide on the ledge of a Manhattan hotel, with the whole world watching.

While Nick is commanding the attention of the city’s police force, his younger brother Joey (Jamie Bell, of Billy Elliot fame) is across the street attempting the biggest diamond-heist in history.

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Suspicions are raised when our jumper personally requests police psychologist Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) to attend the scene and admits that he has an ulterior motive-to prove he is innocent of the crime he was imprisoned for.

Man on a Ledge takes the unusual approach of revealing its biggest plot-twist very early on, which encourages viewers and suggests there’s more to come, and there is, a little more.

The finer details of Nick’s alleged crime and the involvement of billionaire property developer David Englander (Ed Harris) make for amusing revelations, but the film’s trailer pretty much tells the whole story.

That said, despite the brainless title and moronic marketing, Man on a Ledge is still totally watchable.

Think Phone Booth 30 floors up.