FILM REVIEW: Foxcatcher (15)

Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum.

Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum. - Credit: Archant

Foxcatcher delves into the true story of John du Pont, the wealthy yet underachieving son of America’s infamous du Pont dynasty. The film follows him as his obsession with wrestling sees him buy his own team, hoping to train them for Olympic glory.

Channing Tatum plays up-and-coming star Mark Schultz, who - keen to step out of his brother-come-coach David’s (Mark Ruffalo) shadow - moves onto the du Pont estate as his prized trophy sportsman.

But when Tatum fails to live up to du Pont’s expectations, the unnerving millionaire brings his brother on board to whip the team into shape. And as David begins to take over the team and question the change in his younger brother, du Pont marks him as a disposable barrier to his reputation.

Steve Carrell’s transformation into du Pont extends beyond his sizeable prosthetic nose, with his dead eyes patrolling his staff and irking those he desperately tries to impress and influence.

Meanwhile, Ruffalo, with his patience and humility, was the perfect choice to honour the memory of David Schultz.

Mark Schultz’s furore in the press was unneeded, with the film offering no real suggestion that his relationship with his wealthy benefactor was sexual. In actuality, Foxcatcher comes down hard on Du Pont’s distant mother, suggesting her life-long disapproval of her son is to blame for his emotionless ambition and disregard for human feeling.

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