Film Review: Cowboys and Aliens

DVD release of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford’s classic western/sci-fi mash-up.

Cowboys and Aliens


2/5 stars

COWBOYS and Aliens owes a whole lot to the talented editors who made the trailer for this classic western meets Alien mash-up.

Considering it was billed as the coolest, raddest boys’ film of the summer, it tanked, and rightly so.

Lord knows how Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde were persuaded to star in it.

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It’s pretty, I’ll give it that-nice cinematography, beautiful setting, authentic costumes (and accents, for once) but that’s about it.

The 2 stars are for the Comic-Con loving demographic that will appreciate this aimless graphic-novel adaptation.

Rent it for background entertainment after a night out.

A week-day night out.